Talent Shortage Research

Every year, the tech talent shortage is exacerbating. The competition for candidates is intense. Thus, filling open IT positions is becoming challenging for more Fintech companies. The hiring process becomes strained and expensive. This report shows the size of the talent shortage problem, particularly in terms of attracting software engineers to the Fintech industry.

In this situation, many Fintechs chose one of the opportunities:

  1. Spend time and resources for finding the right candidate.
  2. Quickly hire any available developer, even without relevant expertise and knowledge base.

Both cases lead to missed opportunities and lost competition.


Download this 29-page report to learn:

  • Reasons for lack of talent and how the situation may change in the future;
  • What consequences of IT talent shortage Fintechs should consider;
  • What actions should be taken today to avoid business failure.


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