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You can download our guides to learn more about our internal processes from recruiting and onboarding to security and software delivery. Each guide is packed with advice, examples, and checklists that can be used to ensure other vendors do it right.

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SDLC for Fintech

For a successful project launch, you’re to have many wheels rolling and orchestrate numerous processes. The result of software delivery is not the code provided but the client success achieved.

Onboarding Guide

Fintech team onboarding is an important part of the project’s success. Download our whitepaper to ensure your onboarding process implies all the necessary elements.

Remote Work

Concerned that remote work might put your business at risk of messing up, losing efficiency and slowing down growth dynamics? We share tips on how remote work should be best arranged.

HR Management

HR processes can reduce your cost of increasing employee tenure and satisfaction with the job. We offer you the best HR practices illustrated by real cases from FinTech companies.

Mistakes of Distributed Teams

Distributed teams are often associated with communication problems and low efficiency. Going through the checklist will make you feel sure that going offshore won’t mess your business up.

Recruiting Guide

In the white paper, we look at the core steps of the recruiting pipeline and discuss what actions are expected from your side to ensure your vendor builds the right dedicated team for you.

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