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You can download our guides to learn more about our internal processes from recruiting and onboarding to security and software delivery. Each guide is packed with advice, examples, and checklists that can be used to ensure other vendors do it right.

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How to Establish an Efficient ETL Process in a Fintech Product

Data is the blood of the modern world. Imagine Fintech as a living being — if it has blood issues, it is sick and weak. Efficient data processing is all about Fintech health.

Frontend Migration of a Large-Scale Legacy Application to New Framework or Technology

Learn why migration is beneficial not only for development but also for business, and how to migrate almost any application to a cutting-edge framework.

A Guide to FinTech Cybersecurity: The New IT Perimeter

Our Fintech Security guide allows you to ensure your company implies all the essential security protection practices and offer more reliable services

Fintech Regulatory Aspects and Adopting Cloud

Learn the basic regulatory aspects and how cloud service providers delineate areas of responsibilities between you and themselves.

Customer-Side Security on AWS

Learn how to create secure architecture in the cloud, best practices for AWS IAM, essential services of data encryption both in-transit and at-rest

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