Customer- Side Security on AWS

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Customer-Side Security on AWS
Curious about crucial security requirements in the AWS cloud? What security concerns on your side should be addressed first? Are there any best practices to discern priority action items for streamlining security operations on AWS? Learn the basics of setting a robust security scope and how to manage data protection risks in the AWS cloud.

Fintech companies adopting AWS cloud face tons of questions about how to effectively approach their security responsibilities including what kind of architecture best meets data requirements, how to manage permission rights, which AWS services best provision threat detection, how to organize logging, and how to encrypt data both in-transit and at-rest.

Amazon VPC and IAM are the primary areas you need to configure when building out security operations on AWS.

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  • Rules of thumb to create secure architecture in the cloud
  • Best practices for AWS IAM
  • Essential services of data encryption both in-transit and at-rest
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