Recruiting Pipeline for a Dedicated Fintech Team

To hire the best-fit people for your project, your vendor should have a well-established recruitment process. In the white paper, we look at the core steps of the recruiting pipeline and discuss what actions are expected from your side to ensure your vendor builds the right dedicated team for you.

Recruiting Guide

Download the 16-page white paper to learn:

How you can ensure successful recruitment
Whether or not you need to interview candidates
What should follow a contract offer to ensure strong performance and high retention rate

To ensure successful recruitment,

  • Provide the vendor with details about the project and the roles in it. Crystal-clear requirements for each role in the team enable the vendor to find the best-fit people for your project and save you time by eliminating the need to interview each candidate.
  • Check that the vendor provides you with detailed information about a candidate, their skills, and how they correspond with your requirements. This information should enable you to make an informed decision about the candidate.