Lending & Fundraising Software Development Expertise

INSART’s dedicated engineering teams help FinTechs build lending software that automates loan-related activities and accelerates loan decision process. We also help companies build SaaS and on-premises software that provides fundraising, advocacy, and marketing functionality.

We help financial institutions re-architect and reengineer legacy systems and apply innovative technology to make them scalable, boost performance, expand functionality, and become more competitive in a loan and fundraising marketplace.

Types of Lending Solutions We Develop

We equip you to create secure and high-quality tools and solutions for any aspect of loan business, interactions via diverse channels, seamless integrations with banks, credit bureaus, payments, and document management software.

Lending Platforms

Software that enables credit bureaus to provide omnichannel credit distribution and identify and measure credit risks. The common set of tools includes loan construction and processing, amortization schedule, fund distribution, collateral tracking, compliance management, and so on.

Mortgage Solutions

Custom mortgage software streamlines, integrates, and facilitates all stages of mortgage servicing, amortization, and origination. The list of features includes interest calculations, insurance tracking, payoff planning, foreclosures, reinstatements, reports, and so on.

Commercial Lending Software

Commercial lending software that enables financial institutions to improve operational efficiency, manage complex risk calculations, automate compliance, and support timely and responsive service throughout the loan lifecycle.

Debt Collection Software

Debt collection applications that include CRM, risk management, credit report analysis, action lists, agent activity tracking, communications recording, dispute management, and so on. Seamless integrations with credit bureaus software and payment portals.

Types of Fundraising Solutions We Develop

For our clients, we created user-friendly, intuitive, and secure tools that make fundraising easier and more efficient for both sides of the process, build strong donor relationships, and ease the efforts of nonprofit organizations and professionals.

Fundraising Software Tools

Secure and reliable tools for P2P fundraising, online charity auctions and mobile bidding, online tickets for charity events, and so on.

Crowdfunding Software Development

Flexible crowdfunding platforms that enable their users to customize their pages, upload media content, create a database of donors, send emails, and collect donations in real time.

Real Estate Funding Platforms

Fundraising platforms focused on real estate, where individuals and companies can invest in asset-backed property development projects. Functionality enables users to receive information about projects, book tours, invest money, obtain interest payments, and check investing levels.

Fundraising Automation Platforms

Complex platforms with considerable functionality that includes reporting and analytics, CRM, payments processing, and tax-form filing and enables nonprofit organizations to manage tailored marketing and fundraising strategies.

Integrations with major FinTech platforms to digitize your entire loan lifecycle

Omnichannel integrations facilitate distribution, as well as the servicing, tracking, and management of clients, risks, and funds. We’ve gained considerable experience integrating with key players in the ecosystem.

Integrations with major FinTech platforms

Featured Lending & Fundraising Clients

Salsa Labs

Salsa Labs is a technology company that provides powerful fundraising, advocacy, and marketing software to nonprofit organizations, helping them engage and change the world. It fuels more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations and 10,000 nonprofit professionals to deliver on their mission. Acquired by Accel-KKR, Salsa is a technology-focused private equity firm.

Alex Sukhenko, CTO, Salsa Labs, USA

Alex Sukhenko

CTO, Salsa Labs, USA

“INSART is a software provider whose excellent performance should make them an ideal partner for any project that falls within their range of technologies. INSART’s software engineers are first-rate professionals who take great professional pride in what they do.”

Future Bricks

Future Bricks is a London-based peer-to-peer lending platform for housing developers and lenders that provides alternative finance for projects below £5 million and opportunities to invest in asset back projects.

Arya Taware, CEO at FutureBricks

Arya Taware

CEO, Future Bricks

“Their team is very efficient; every sprint that was planned, was completed on time—so it felt like a fixed cost based contract, although it wasn’t. They have really good resources—we had a team of six (front-end developer, back-end developer, two QAs and tech architect, and PM)—each and every one of them were skilled and senior. I personally had gone down to Kyiv to meet Vasyl and the team and spent two days with them—Vasyl has formed a very impressive management style where developers get to choose their own projects, etc., and it was very efficient, I must say.”

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