InsurTech Engineering Expertise

With our InsurTech clients, we build intelligent customer-centric insurance software that set the pace for the whole ecosystem of tools

Our FinTech engineering teams help InsurTech firms improve product efficiency and customer experience while reducing technical complexity, costs, and opportunities lost.

Insurance Software Development

Insurance companies interact with the whole ecosystem of tools daily in their practice. INSART helps you build custom solutions that automate, integrate, and improve digital insurance client experiences.

Quote And Risk Management

For clients building an insurance services office, we developed quoting and risk assessment services. These included statistical data processing, real-time risk factors analysis, and prevention actions alerts.

Portals And Policy Administration

With InsurTech companies, we customized their policy administration systems for business, home and renters, property and casualty, life and health insurance.

Claims, Billing, And Invoicing

Dealing with clients’ claims, it’s crucial to collect and submit claim data to carriers, as well as authenticate the client. We helped our clients integrate global payment systems, claiming widgets, billing, and invoicing tools.

Data And Document Management

We can integrate your SaaS solutions for insurance with cloud-hosted document management systems for enhanced document storing organization and database querying.

Compliance Management

We keep pace with regulative changes to boost building software that complies with anti-money laundering (AML), know-your-customer (KYC), and other industry-specific regulations in finance.

Mobile Systems & Communications

When our clients scale their business, we’re ready to build mobile insurance self-service solutions that enhance customer communications greatly. This includes native or hybrid cross-platform apps with mobile payment processing, attached photo management, and so on.

InsurTech Solutions We Integrate

InsurTech startups need to be flexible and integrable. We’re experienced in building custom end-to-end integrations with key insurance players and other leading FinTech software designers.

InsurTech Solutions INSART Integrates

Secure Insurance Software Development

We take security and compliance seriously and build our processes according to the latest security standards and FinTech regulations on every step of development.

Big Data For Quote Assessment

Use outstanding AI and machine learning technologies to assess quotes with intense precision in real time.

Multiplatform Cybersecurity

Choose your solutions platforms regardless of security issues. Deliver insurance service the way your clients appreciate the most.

Legacy System Transformation

Get rid of technical debt and obsolete technology burden. Get a step-by-step transformation plan based on the audit.

Blockchain Insurance

Reduce paper forms and document aggregation by leveraging the blockchain to employ revolutionary anti-scam technology.

Featured InsurTech Clients


InsureOne™, an integrated SaaS platform, helps insurers increase efficiency, improve customer experience, and increase revenues while reducing cost and technical complexity. Being founded in 2012, the startup raised over $50M in funding and has $16M annually.

Organizations of all sizes use One, Inc.’s solutions to optimize policy administration, billing, claims, agency management, reporting, online customer portals, interactive voice response (IVR), payment processing, data warehouse, and more. One, Inc. has become the fastest growing digital payments platform in the insurance industry, and it now manages more than $2.5 billion a year in payments for customers.


Our CEO, Vasyl Soloshchuk, is a co-author of The INSURTECH Book

In his chapter, “InsurTech Trends – Why Regionalization Matters,” Vasyl explores what prospects each InsurTech trend has and how they may evolve depending on regional differences.

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