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Integration of a Fintech Platform with BNY Mellon’s Albridge

Integration with Albridge

According to the T3 2020 report, Albridge is the world’s No. 1 portfolio management tool that holds the biggest market share. Streamline integration process with a clear vision and save up to 30–50 percent of the implementation time.


Albridge offers a number of different APIs for their partners, from basics such as holdings and balances to rate-of-return performance calculations. Learn more about how to elicit your objectives, choose the most valuable modules to integrate, and where to start the integration process from.


Download this 10-page whitepaper to fill in the gaps in the Albridge’s offerings and ensure a transparent and risk-free integration process.


Check it out. The ramp-up time of a team that has a clearly defined integration roadmap is significantly shorter, while the expenditures remain at a stable level.

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