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Fintech Regulatory Aspects and Adopting Cloud

Fintech Regulatory Aspects and Adopting Cloud

Starting a fintech business and want to know about its regulatory side? Concerned with how the legal framework of your firm enmeshes with the data protection of your customers in the cloud? Want to know your load of responsibilities? Learn the basic regulatory aspects and how cloud service providers delineate areas of responsibilities between you and themselves.

The US fintech regulatory scene is extremely convoluted, involving governmental and nongovernmental watchdogs, layering on federal and state jurisdictions, traditional regulations, and recent guidelines.

As the regulatory concerns are blending with the white-hot problem of data security, cloud service providers have come up with the Shared Responsibility Model, which helps to understand what customers should take care of when adopting the cloud in their fintech business.

Download this 11-page white paper to learn:
  • Which main legal bodies establish the rules for fintech
  • Which laws are primary to follow for a fintech firm, robo-advisors in particular
  • How CSPs approach security responsibilities

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