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You can download our guides to learn more about our internal processes from recruiting and onboarding to security and software delivery. Each guide is packed with advice, examples, and checklists that can be used to ensure other vendors do it right.

Guide: How to find new growth Opportunities for SMB digital lenders

According to the Federal Reserve report, these are the main problems that usually interfere with SMB/SME solutions and prevent their success: difficulty obtaining sufficient data for decision making, low data quality, difficulty identifying interest rates or estimate costs, inconsistent use of data and benchmarks, etc.

Guide: How can mortgage solutions grow?

The lending ecosystem was undergoing a gradual transition for some time.
Stakeholders are now ready to embrace a change in the processes; there is now better clarity and alignment to the eMortgage processes, and better infrastructure is available to deal with the advanced automation.

Guide: How can an embedded lending solution grow?

It’s no longer enough to simply be digital-first to compete in the lending space. Here are several points that can help your platform grow market share, increase revenues, or take another investment round.

How to Establish an Efficient ETL Process in a Fintech Product

Data is the blood of the modern world. Imagine Fintech as a living being — if it has blood issues, it is sick and weak. Efficient data processing is all about Fintech health.

Guide: How can a BNPL solution grow?

BNPL tools experienced unprecedented growth last year. Here are several points that can help your BNPL solutions grow market share, increase revenues, or take another investment round.

SDLC for Fintech

For a successful project launch, you’re to have many wheels rolling and orchestrate numerous processes. The result of software delivery is not the code provided but the client success achieved.

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