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Over many years spent building software solutions for the financial industry, we have been investigating and pushing the boundaries of the FinTech and Financial Services domains, and identifying commonalities and variabilities within software systems in the industry.

FinTech Engineering Expertise
Payment systems
Payment Systems
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Wealth management
Wealth Management
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Trading platforms
Trading Platforms
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Big Data
FinTech Engineering Approach
Our FinTech Engineering Approach enables us to promptly design and implement new, efficient solutions for FinTech startups. We adopt proven practices and use different strategies depending on the stage of each startup.
FinTech Engineering Approach

Financial domain knowledge

To develop high-quality software without wasting time on miscommunication and reworking, we provide FinTech startups with software engineers that have a deep understanding of the financial domain. Together with the client’s team, we work out a training plan to help engineers understand the nuances of the client’s business.

Processes and workflows

In early-stage FinTech startups, Agile with short sprints and releases ASAP is mostly used. During quick discussions, the team plans sprints. Manual testing is satisfactory for QA. We help late-stage FinTech startups establish project management processes, deploy a pipeline, implement automated testing, and establish CICD.

Technologies and architecture

During the early stage, we help FinTech startups to rapidly build an MVP and release it. They receive feedback and can validate or improve their business model. In the later stages, we help FinTech companies to speed up development and pay down technical debt.

Team structuring

In the early stages, FinTech startups have small development teams that mostly consist of full-stack developers, each might work on any part of the system. As FinTech startups evolve and their teams grow, we help them split a single team into well-structured, cross-functional squads, establish effective coordination, assign responsibilities, and reduce the development cycle.

FinTech software product

As a result, our FinTech product meets clients’ needs and expectations, and maintenance and further development do not demand considerable effort. This leads to the success of the FinTech startup.


Over 10,000 nonprofit professionals use Salsa's integrated software for donor management, marketing, fundraising, advocacy, and peer to peer to fuel great causes across the globe


Global payment system for Bitcoin and fiat currencies. Has 250,000 clients and processes more than 2,000 transactions a day.


Technology platform providing a customizable robo-advisor in the wealth-management industry. Raised US$20 million in series A financing.

Invest in Property Development

A lending platform where individuals can invest in property development projects in their local community and beyond.


Innovative and affordable solution for integration of two-factor authentication in banks and payment systems. A partner of Citrix Ready Marketplace.

Universal payments

Relied on by more than 1,000 of the largest financial institutions to execute US$14 trillion each day in payments and securities.


Global payment gateway solutions connected to 350 card acquirers and alternative payment methods and working in 160 countries.


Integrated cloud-based insurance platform for property and casualty carriers, agents, and MGAs . Raised US$36.7 million in funding.

Over-The-Counter Trading

High-performance system providing the full spectrum of integrated solutions for Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities (FICC) Trading.

A Bitcoin exchange platform

A Bitcoin exchange platform. Has over 4,000 users and processes tens of thousands of transactions.

Pay on your terms

Online payment processing platform for merchants that simplifies the integration of different levels of payments in their business.


The world’s only provider of enterprise video solutions. Raised more than US$62 million in funding.

Digital, Meet Voice

Enterprise call marketing solutions with the Voice Marketing Cloud platform. Powers 100 million calls yearly. Raised US$60 million in funding.


Service for e-commerce merchants that simplifies the PCI DSS certification process. Serves MLB, Hughes, Vigorate, OrderDynamics, Six Flags, Deloitte, etc.

Lending Fintech startup, London, UK
Co-Founder & CEO
Their team is very efficient, every sprint that was planned, was completed on time – so it felt like fixed cost based contract although it wasn’t. They have really good resources – we had team of 6 (front-end developer, back-end developer, 2 QAs and Tech Architect and PM) – each and every one of them were skilled & senior. I personally had gone down to Kiev to meet Vasyl and the team and spent 2 days with them – Vasyl has formed very impressive management style where developer get to choose their own projects etc and very efficient I must say.
Alex Sukhenko, Salsa Labs,
Washington D.C., USA
Vice President, Technology
INSART has shown remarkable performance during the time we’ve been using their services. Although engaging them to support our current platform was not in our plans at the beginning, we have gradually come to regard them as our strategic partner whose involvement in our projects is mission-critical to their success. Not only have they been able to satisfy all our requirements, but they have also shown themselves as a collaborative, creative, and immensely talented team.
Boris Litvin, Ortess, Inc.,
New York, USA
CEO, President
I would like to thank INSART team members for their service, quality, and dependability. We have been working with the dedicated team for the past several years on a very complex financial project. The team demonstrated not only technical excellence, but superior communication skills, understanding of the business and focus on results. INSART team naturally blended with our internal team and ensured our long-term success.
Larry Woodard,
Dimark Software Inc.,
Cupertino, USA
Over the past several years we've had the pleasure to work with the folks at INSART on a large number of projects. We've always found them to be extremely competent, technically proficient and highly focused. We look forward to continuing to work with them over the coming years, and I offer my strongest recommendation for INSART.
Stephen Blankenship, Kontiki,
San Francisco, USA
VP Product
Our experience shows that INSART's developers are capable of implementing state of the art web based services. They are professional, responsive, and can quickly adapt to course changes.
Jeff Moffa,
Enterprise Software Vendor,
Detroit, USA
Vice President
INSART has proven to be a capable and valuable software development partner.
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