Building a Distributed
Fintech Team: Define Criteria

To find a quality vendor, you need to conduct an overview of the existing organization and unveil the criteria they need to match first. By analyzing what you already have, it’s possible to create a blueprint for what organization would be a good fit for your company and solution.

Building a distributed team. Guide

A project charter template we provide will help you:

Go through all the important questions
Make the overview process systematic and predictable
Ensure you don’t miss the point

Download this 31-page guide to:

  • Define the goals you want to achieve
  • Reach a consensus with the board about what type of distributed team you can hire
  • Form concise criteria for vendors to be able to analyze the market and find the best matches
  • Develop consistent expectations on deadlines, rates, process specifics, and so on
  • Ensure there are no gaps and keep risks under control
  • Accelerate search and negotiations with potential vendors