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We know wealth, asset, and portfolio management inside out, and develop software platforms that automate and facilitate investors’, financial advisors’, and asset managers’ everyday work. We enable digital wealth management with the help of robo-advising capabilities, API integrations, asset allocation strategies based on algorithms, and big data analytics and AI. The technology stack we select is customized for each project to best address the client’s needs and desires.

WealthTech & Robo-Advising ExpertiseWealthTech & Robo

Our expertise encompasses all financial and investment aspects. Whether our client requires a complex solution or separate component development, we know how to build it in the most transparent and efficient way. We deliver innovative solutions to automate and digitize the building and management of investment portfolios, provide full-service e-advisor capabilities, and increase financial experts’ productivity.

Risk Profiling &<br />Management
Risk Profiling &

Questionnaires building. Data analytics for risk profiling (behavior data, transactions data, etc). Risk scoring

Portfolio Construction &<br />Performance
Portfolio Construction &

Asset classes (ETFs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc). Asset allocation strategies (predefined and customized). Sleeve positions. Portfolio performance review & reporting

Portfolio Analytics &<br />Optimization
Portfolio Analytics &

Algorithmic-based portfolio optimization. Backtesting. Factor analysis. Asset correlations. Monte Carlo Simulation. Timing models. Portfolio wealth analysis

Portfolio<br />Rebalancing

Portfolio rebalancing strategies. Order management and execution. Tax efficient trading and tax harvesting. Split of transactions

Market Data<br />Management
Market Data

Custodians / brokerages integration. Market data ETL from various market data providers. Real-time and batch processing. Big data storage. Data APIs

Goals-based<br />Financial Planning
Financial Planning

Financial goals setup. Scenario-based solvers. Risk assessment

CRM Enablement &<br />Integrations
CRM Enablement &

Investors onboarding. KYL and AML, identity management. Billing & payments. Document management. 3rd party CRM integrations. Behavioural analysis backed by AI

Compliance & Regulations<br />Monitoring
Compliance & Regulations

Digital record-keeping tools. Regulatory and suitability auditing & reporting

Mobile<br />Applications

Investors' mobile dashboards. Advisors mobile console. Mobile trading apps

System<br />Services

Security module. Internationalization. Scheduling. Logging & auditing. Automated alerting & notifications

We work with Startups & Fortune FinTech companies
/Advisors & Robo-Advisors

Automated financial services, such as portfolio management and financial planning and management, to enable advisors to provide well-diversified investment portfolios that match clients’ risk tolerance and investment objectives.

/Hedge Funds

Massive real-time datasets and modern analytics algorithms applied to new opportunities to provide deeper market understanding and increase experts’ competence.

/Family Offices

Digitized traditional and alternative strategies for managing investment portfolios and adapting them to families’ values, conflicts, changing priorities, and internal capabilities.

/Investment Banks

Innovative algorithms utilizing Big Data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide advice on corporate finance aspects, such as capital-raising strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and financial product trading.

/News & Information Companies

Online platforms and APIs providing financial advisors and companies with trending news and in-depth market analytics to help them improve their services and competence.

/Data Providers

Powerful online platforms that provide historical and real-time market data via APIs to enable financial institutions and experts to power their software products.

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