Cost Optimization and Consumption Factors on AWS

Does this situation sound familiar? Your applications are scaling, and AWS doesn’t seem like a budget cloud provider anymore. Which pillar capabilities of the AWS infrastructure—performance, scalability, reliability, maintenance, or management—costs the most? Which areas could be friendlier to your DevOps estimates? Could on-premises hosting become more cost-optimal as your infrastructure requires increased performance and/or more bandwidth? Learn AWS cost-optimization basics and how on-premises environment competes with the AWS cloud.
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Cost Optimization on AWS
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Fintech engineers running applications on AWS are likely to encounter cost-optimization issues as their infrastructure grows and starts consuming more resources than it did at the scaleup stage.

Streamlining your costs on AWS is not a one-time task due to the complexity of the AWS pricing and configurations you need to make on the way to optimizing your DevOps.

In the long run, running your applications at an on-premises data center might win against AWS in terms of TCO. One of the strategies to reduce cost consumption and provision-efficient backup is organizing hybrid cloud environments.

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