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Zooz, a PayU company, is a payment technology switch which allows merchants to connect with multiple payment providers, route their payments according to business logic, analyze the results, and make smarter data-based decisions to increase their revenue. Zooz has become a leading solution in the payment orchestration sphere, offering companies an unbiased, top-of-the-line technology to connect, manage and optimize their payments, wherever they operate.
Being agnostic means that ZOOZ is not linked to specific payment providers and allows its customers unlimited and customizable connectivity to a variety of payment providers and methods

  • Add any Provider and Method with a click
  • Universal Token for all providers
  • Test your payment flows before going live
  • Payment KPI’s in one place
  • Gain insights with advanced analytics on data
  • Search & Find any payment
  • Comprehensive Cross-provider reports
  • Direct each transaction to the optimal processor
  • Save potentially lost transactions
  • Protect your business against unwanted transactions

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