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Zoho Corporation

Software is our craft and our passion. At Zoho, we create beautiful software to solve business problems. We believe that software is the ultimate product of the mind and the hands.

But as much as we love building beautiful software, we think our people and company culture are our most important assets. Our engineers spend years mastering their craft, bringing together decades of engineering expertise to produce a real work of art. When you choose Zoho, you get more than just a single product or a tightly integrated suite. You get our commitment to continuous refinement and to improving your experience. And you get our relentless devotion to your satisfaction.

Zoho is committed to spending your money wisely. We invest more in product development and customer support than in sales and marketing. It always struck us as paradoxical to charge the customer extra for the privilege of marketing back to them. By keeping our cost of attracting customers low, we keep our prices affordable and pass the savings onto our users.



  • CRM – The complete CRM platform.
  • Bigin – Pipeline-centric CRM for small businesses.
  • Desk – Put customer service at the heart of your company.
  • Forms – Forms for mobile teams.
  • SalesIQ – Convert website visitors into customers.
  • ContactManager – Absolute contact management.
  • SalesInbox – Email for salespeople.
  • Bookings – Find the perfect time with your customers


  • Social – The all-in-one social media management software.
  • Campaigns – Reach and engage your customers.
  • Forms – Forms for mobile teams.
  • Survey – Online surveys for every occasion.
  • Sites – Design mobile friendly websites.
  • PageSense – Conversion rate optimization software.
  • Backstage – End-to-end event management software.
  • Meeting – Host secure online meetings. Organize engaging webinars.
  • Commerce – All-in-one ecommerce platform.


  • Desk – Put customer service at the heart of your company.
  • Assist – Support remote customers instantly.
  • ServiceDesk Plus – Offer best-in-class IT support on the cloud.
  • Lens – Solve problems with interactive remote assistance.


  • Books – Smart accounting for growing businesses.
  • Invoice – Hassle-free invoicing.
  • Expense – Effortless expense reporting.
  • Inventory – Online inventory and order management.
  • Subscriptions – Smarter billing for your subscription business.
  • Checkout – Simple one-time and recurring online payments solution.

People & Culture:

  • People – Organize, automate and simplify your HR processes.
  • Recruit – Applicant tracking system.
  • Connect – Your social workplace.
  • Expense – Effortless expense reporting.
  • Workerly – Temporary Staffing Solution
  • ShowTime – On-board new hires and host impactful employee training.
  • BackToWork – Ensure employee safety at workplace.


  • Creator – Build custom apps for your business needs.
  • Site24x7 – Website monitoring from a global perspective.
  • Flow – Integrate your apps to automate business workflows.
  • Assist – Support remote customers instantly.
  • Vault – Online password manager for teams.
  • BugTracker – Fix bugs fast and ship great software.
  • Mobile Device Management – Easy-to-use & affordable web-based MDM solution.
  • Patch Manager Plus – Stay clear of vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.
  • Identity Management – An identity management and governance solution.
  • Log Management Cloud – Store and manage all your log data on a secure cloud platform.
  • Catalyst – Simple Serverless Platform.
  • Lens – Solve problems with interactive remote assistance.
  • Desktop Central – A 360-degree UEM solution for enterprise management and security.




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