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Yapstone is a provider of online and mobile payment solutions for global marketplaces, software, and large vertical markets, powering electronic payments for sharing economy platforms, such as HomeAway® and VRBO®, software companies, such as Kigo®, and thousands of apartment and vacation rental companies, homeowners’​ associations, self-storage companies, and many other markets.


Pay In:

  • Flexible payment methods
  • Revenue optimization
  • Customers pay their way
  • Loyalty programs

Pay Out:

  • Advanced Payments
  • Global support
  • Complexity made simple
  • Fully compliant


  • Automated process
  • Frictionless document upload
  • Safe, secure and fully compliant


  • Proprietary risk engines
  • Fraud protection tools
  • Expert support
  • Dispute resolution

Reporting & Analytics:

  • All the insights you need to run your business
  • Easy to use and access
  • Enables smarter experiences

Companies that integrate with Yapstone

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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