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XS Financial

XS Financial Inc. (‘XS”​) specializes in providing equipment leasing solutions in the United States to owners​/operators of cannabis and hemp companies, including cultivators, oil processors, manufacturers, testing laboratories, among others, allowing them to affordably spread their payments over time. In addition, XS provides a range of leasing products and consulting services, including equipment selection and procurement, through its network of preferred vendor partnerships with original equipment manufacturers and equipment distributors. XS’s management team is successful in scaling high growth businesses, product development, finance, and operational best practices providing a proven business model.

Xtraction Services
  • Equipment Leasing
    • Flexible terms
    • Affordable down payment
    • Fast funding
  • Sale-Leaseback
    • Unlock invested capital
    • Continue to use equipment
    • Attractive financing options
  • Equipment Selection and Procurement
    • Extraction Methods: Alcohol, hydrocarbon and supercritical carbon dioxide extractors
    • Pre- and Post-Processing Equipment: De-carboxylation, winterization, distillation, and isolation
    • Peripheral Equipment: Analytical/industrial scales, vacuum ovens, manual/automatic pipettes, hot plates, beakers, etc.
    • Consumables: Solvents and reagents such as alcohols, hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide and disposable materials
    • Analytical: High-pressure liquid (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC)
Xtraction Services

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Xtraction Services

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