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Wyre, Inc

Wyre is a developer of a blockchain-based payment platform designed to change the future of how international payments are done. The company’s platform provides real-time payouts, same-day transfers, and direct-to-bank transfers, enabling businesses to move money across borders from country-to-country at a competitive foreign exchange rate. Wyre’s business owners can easily create an account and send money to any person or business without worrying about high foreign exchange rates, hidden fees, complicated payout timing, and high payment fees. It also provides onramps and off-ramps, foreign exchange, and crypto liquidity to users of various crypto projects including decentralized exchanges.

  • Accept Payments – accept localized payment methods customers actually want to use.
  • Global Payouts – send global payouts to over 130+ countries using 1 API call.
  • Account Onboarding – create compliant accounts that perform KYC checks on customers.
  • Crypto Wallet – offer Crypto within your application. Send, receive and manage cryptocurrencies through our Secure Wallets API.
  • Crypto & FX – exchange fiat and crypto with API. Wyre provides competitive pricing and execution.
  • Savings – Wyre secures excellent rates and gives peace of mind knowing that client’s assets are secure.

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