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wikifolio Financial Technologies AG connects the world of securities with the principles of social networks: each trading talent can represent and publish their trading ideas in virtual portfolios, the wikifolios, with all trades in the wikifolios getting completely documented. Whether the trader is a “Hidden Champion” or a well-known asset manager – everyone gets the chance to prevail with their performance and make their expertise available for use by others.

Successful wikifolios can serve as the basis of an open-ended index certificate, a wikifolio certificate that is issued by Lang & Schwarz. All wikifolio certificates are traded in a transparent manner via Lang & Schwarz and the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. Obfuscation tactics are impossible.

Moreover, at more than 8,000 wikifolios with an investable certificate, our data API allows us to generate personalized content and insights for more thousands of stocks by using data from our community. This content module specifically addresses stock investors and is already delivered more than a million times daily on some of Germany’s biggest information and news platforms for stocks.



Discover: traders make their trading strategies visible publicly in virtual portfolios – the wikifolios. Learn more about wikifolios at no charge.

Select: choose a wikifolio that corresponds to your needs. You can customize your selection using search criteria.

Invest: invest in the corresponding wikifolio certificate and track the performance of the wikifolio 1:1. This can be done at your bank or with an online broker.



Companies that integrate with wikifolio Financial Technologies AG

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

Finanzen100 is the financial web based portal which presents daily information on financial securities and companies.
onvista media GmbH
Onvista Media is a digital publishing organization that specializes in marketing in the field of finance and stock exchange.
Wallstreet Online
wallstreet:online AG
Wallstreet Online is Germany's leading financial community.

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