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Western Union Holdings, Inc.

Western Union is a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement. From small businesses and global corporations, to families near and far away, to NGOs in the most remote communities on Earth, Western Union helps people and businesses move money – to help grow economies and realize a better world. They continue to innovate, developing new ways to send money through digital, mobile, and retail channels, with an array of convenient pay-out options to meet business and consumer needs.

Western Union
  • Send money – with Western Union people can send money for payout in 130 different currencies to more than 200 countries and territories in minutes
  • Track a transfer – whether client sent money or paid a bill, the status of transfer is only a few clicks away.
  • Find a location – with more than 500,000 agent locations around the world, they’re easy to find and happy to help receiver pick up their cash.
  • Pay bills – paying bills is fast and easy.
Western Union

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Western Union

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