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Veem is a next-generation payment service provider (PSP) for global commerce. Veem provides a platform that enables small businesses to send and receive payments in local currency. Using blockchain as a payment rail, the company eliminates the need for intermediary banks, reducing costs for small- and medium-sized businesses. It converts the sender’s funds into bitcoin, selling the digital currency at an exchange for the desired currency of the recipient.

  • Send Payments – after a simple one-time sign up, money can be sent to everyone client works with in over 100 countries
  • Receive Payments – easily receive online payments and get paid from clients in over 100 countries. Security, speed, and convenience are at fingertips with Veem’s global payments.
  • Send Invoices – easily fill out our simple yet professional invoice templates to send it business partners. Find recipients quickly using simple business directory.
  • Real-time payments – Instant Deposit cuts the standard bank-processing delay from three days to less than an hour.
  • Mass Payments – Mass pay enables to send one or thousands of payments all at once in a simple, scalable way saving hours of manual payment processing time.

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