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TRAY® is a complete point of sale system for the enterprise that specializes in self-service ordering. We’re changing the way people order and pay in hospitality venues such as entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, and more. As a growing number of companies seek to introduce self-service into their operations to improve their customer experience and reduce operating costs, TRAY is the only enterprise-class system that offers a full turnkey solution, as well as a platform solution that can integrate with existing legacy point of sale systems, including Micros and Infogenesis.

Unlike other POS companies, TRAY was built with self-service at its core, not an afterthought. TRAY uses a modern, cloud-based backend combined with inexpensive Android terminals. Thanks to our scalable, PCI Level-1 compliant architecture, our solution is flexible, scalable, secure, and low-cost, and we have already won engagements with major global brands, including hotel groups, quick serve chains and entertainment chains.

  • Self-Service Kiosks – drive more sales by providing your customers with a personalized ordering experience without the wait.
  • Point of Sale – take control of your restaurant and increase revenue with a point of sale system made to power entire business.
  • Digital Ordering – enable new sources of revenue and better cater to customer’s online ordering preferences.
  • Party Booking – book more reservations and upsell more services with an integrated party booking system.

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