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Templum Inc.

Templum provides an institutional-grade alternative asset platform and infrastructure for investing and trading alternative assets. Templum’s innovative end-to-end trading technology solution provides global investors greater access to capital and offers the potential for alternative asset liquidity with unprecedented levels of transparency and security to create a new strategic alternative in the private markets.


Capital Raising

  • Seamless digital workflows from investor onboarding to investment closing
  • Investment management tools
  • Streamlined document management

Secondary Trading

  • Intuitive trading market
  • Regulated Alternative Trading System (ATS) utilizing distributed ledger technology, which maintains ownership records and transaction history

White Label

  • Regulatory compliant workflows
  • Developer SDKs and a full technology suite for effortless integration across the enterprise
  • State-of-the-art matching engine


  • Exclusive data for the alternative asset class
  • Real-time market data, inclusive of level 1, level 2, and trades
  • Historical market data, trading insights and analytics

Companies that integrate with Templum

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