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Taulia Inc.

Taulia delivers working capital solutions that make it easy for businesses to free up cash, accelerate payments, and improve supply chain health. Since 2009, Taulia envisioned a world where every business thrives by liberating cash. The ​​game-changing technology powers​ a network connecting 1.5 million businesses across 168 countries and has accelerated more than $80 billion in early payments. Using an AI-powered platform, businesses now have the option to choose when and how to pay and get paid. This process provides both buyers and suppliers the chance to rocket their cash – cash to fuel economic growth all over the world.

  • Dynamic Discounting – release liquidity to suppliers for a risk-free return, while generating millions in cost savings and ensuring a healthy supply chain
  • Supply Chain Finance – unlock working capital and accelerate payments to suppliers with third-party funding to keep cash on hand longer
  • Cash Forecasting – Taulia’s real-time cash flow forecasting software accurately predicts future flows – supporting better decision-making and helping you plan for cash surpluses and funding gaps
  • Invoice Automation – Taulia’s automated invoice processing solution helps to take care of all of invoices quickly and efficiently, and from suppliers of any size
  • Supplier Management – Take the complexity out of collecting, validating and managing supplier data to increase productivity and minimize operational costs

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