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Strands, Inc.

Strands is a FinTech partner that develops digital money management solutions that help banks empower people in life and business. The company specializes in Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning since 2004. It creates custom digital money management software for financial institutions and empowers people to be smarter with money. Strands’ mission is to enable banks to anticipate customer needs and proactively suggest actions to increase long term value for customers.

  • PFM – Personal Financial Management – financial control, foresight and wellbeing for retail customers. Driven by Artificial Intelligence, Strands’ PFM means smarter money management for the customer, improved bank-user engagement and a greater share of wallet for the bank
  • BFM – Business Financial Management – Look out for SME customers and help them grow. Offer a solution aimed at the 3 main issues all businesses face: money management, accessing lending and scaling their business successfully, or Buy, Operate & Sell
  • Engager – transforms every interaction into a guided and meaningful conversation, transforming complex data into relevant customer insights and added-value solutions in real time. Interaction with customers not only results in happy customers, but impacts directly on core business and boosts return on investment
  • API Hub – A simple interface which leverages Open Banking to connect multiple external services securely in one place. One platform offering customers an overview of their finances and the ability to connect to third-party services
  • CLO – Customer-Linked Offers – perfect solution for banks, business owners and customers. Customers have access to personalised offers, merchants can increase sales and scale their business, and banks, in turn, boost interaction with businesses and open up new revenue streams

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