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Splitwise Inc.

Splitwise is a mobile application and web-based platform that helps its users share expenses with one another, including roommates, travelers, couples, friends, and family. It organizes all its users’ shared expenses and IOUs in one place so that everyone can see who they owe. It sends its users monthly reminders about outstanding debts. The application also provides its users with mediation advice about fairness issues through its fairness calculators. These calculators turn crowdsourced data into a neutral fairness opinion about its users’ personal situations.

  • Add groups and friends
  • Split expenses, record debts
  • Equal or unequal splits
  • Split by % or shares
  • Calculate total balances
  • Suggested repayments
  • Simplify debts
  • Recurring expenses
  • Offline mode
  • Cloud sync
  • Spending totals
  • Categorize expenses
  • Easy CSV exports
  • 7+ languages
  • 100+ currencies
  • Payment integrations
  • A totally ad-free experience
  • Currency conversion
  • Receipt scanning
  • Itemization
  • Charts and graphs
  • Expense search
  • Save default splits
  • Early access to new features

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