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Spark Change

Spark Change is a technology platform that simplifies investing in carbon instruments.

Spark Change has developed a technology platform and financial product ecosystem for qualified institutional and individual investors seeking exposure to carbon allowances. Our mission is to simplify access to carbon markets and prices around the world, as more investors with access can create a bigger environmental impact.

Securities, issued via the Spark Change platform, provide investors direct exposure to the value of physical carbon allowances – without the complex and costly set-up requirements needed to access the market directly and take delivery of physical carbon allowances.

Spark Change

As a standalone investment

  • Capture investment returns
    European emission allowances are one of the best performing commodities over the last 5 years supported by regulatory tailwinds
  • Improve impact
    Create more direct, tangible environmental impact than traditional green investments, by withholding emitters’ permits

Blended as part of a portfolio

  • Hedge risk
    Instead of divesting securities, neutralize a portfolio’s exposure to tightening climate regulation and a rising carbon price
  • Qualify for ESG standards
    Combine with equity/fixed income structures to qualify for ESG standards such as CTB/PAB benchmarks
Spark Change

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Spark Change

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