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Sorriso Technologies Inc

Sorriso Technologies is a trusted digital business transformation partner for digital self service, EBPP, personalized video, and secure, engaging customer communications. They’ve been helping some of the world’s leading companies provide their customers with simple, convenient digital self-service experiences since 2001. From interactive online billing to payment portals, to multichannel customer communications, to personalized videos, they’ve mastered digital self-service software for the smallest individual accounts to the largest business accounts.

Sorriso Technologies
  • Smart View – grant customers secure access to view all communications and documents
  • Smart Bill – provide customers a simple, subtly powerful view of bills
  • Smart Pay – give customers a secure, seamless, and convenient way to pay
  • Interactive Video – personalize the experience and engage customers with explainer videos
  • Common Platform – shared components: agent portal, registration, sign-on, email/sms service, and brand framework; create a seamless user experience on mobile, tablets, and pc devices.
Sorriso Technologies

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Sorriso Technologies

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