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Snap Advances

Snap Advances provides quick access to working capital, plus the tools and expert advice. With 90% of small businesses being turned down for loans, merchants have become stranded without the capital they need to grow their business. Those unwilling to accept this lack of funding as the new status quo turn to Snap Advances. By partnering with Snap Advances, access to working capital is restored through their Merchant Cash Advance Program. Their program is simple: they pay you in advance for a portion of your future credit & debit card transactions. As customers pay you, your advance is paid back with a small, fixed percentage of your daily transactions.

Snap Advances
  • Partnership – Snap team believes that, in order to build valuable, lasting relationships, it is needed to bring more to the relationship than to take away. They go the extra mile in all they do to make sure our partners understand we truly do care about the success of their business.
  • Timeliness – one of the key business advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance is timeliness.
  • Sustainability – they don’t believe client should be weighed down with the burden of making unreasonable payments at the expense of the business. That’s why they provide sustainable funding to help keep the doors open, as well as put in a position to thrive and grow.
Snap Advances

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Snap Advances

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