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Signicat is a QTSP and enables trusted digital business for highly regulated and non-regulated industries. Through a single point of integration, Signicat connects businesses with their customers across markets by:
• scanning identity documents
• NFC-reading of passports
• connecting to over 30 eID schemes
• web-based video interviews
• connecting to public and private registries to provide additional information about a user (B2C) or organisation (B2B)
• legally-binding electronic signatures


Authentication: The Authentication API is used to verify the identity of users who sign up and log in to online services. This is done by using electronic IDs (eIDs). eIDs are provided by banks and other trustworthy institutions, which allows you to confirm that your user is who they claim to be. The Authentication API is useful for both onboarding new users and authenticating existing ones. In both cases, you just have to ask them to verify their identity using one of the available eID methods.
You can onboard and authenticate your users using our REST API or the OpenID Connect standard.

Signature: With Signicat’s signature services, you can easily let your customers sign contracts, declarations, forms, and other documents using digital signatures.
Digital signatures can automate and replace today’s cumbersome paper-based processes and save money and time spent on manual processing. Furthermore, it can help increase the conversion of new customers in your onboarding processes and rapidly reduce the time it takes to become a customer. Signicat signature services are web-based, and can be integrated in your website, app or business system through the use of our REST APIs or SDKs. Through our services, we offer different mechanisms for signing, depending on your business requirements.

Identity Validation: Signicat’s identity validation services allow you to validate and monitor data from your customers, whether they are natural persons or organizations.
These services are offered through a single point of integration, which means that you don’t have to implement towards several services separately, which often have limited geographic coverage and use distinct standards. Our API returns normalized data from carefully-selected sources, making it easy for you to interpret and use the responses regardless of the source.
Note that our non-normalized identity validation services are being phased out, so we recommend that you integrate towards our normalized service if you are building a new integration. If you need more information, refer to Non-normalized information services.


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