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SafetyPay is a global, secure Internet payment solution that enables online banking customers to make online purchases from merchants worldwide and pay directly through their local bank account in their local currency. SafetyPay was developed in response to the growing need for a safe and secure online payment method, which also could be used internationally.

  • Online and Mobile Integration – the integration can be managed by the merchant directly with Safetypay own API, but also with most relevant PSP’s as Worldpay, Ingenico, Adyen, EPG amongst others
  • Payment Methods – payment network allows to confirm transactions -local or cross border- in real time once the money has been transferred or the shopper has paid with cash at one of our collection points
  • Banks and Collection points – Safetypay is supported as investor by the International Finance Corportation – a World Bank Group institution – allowing shoppers with no access to credit cards to pay in e-commerce merchants using the largest bank and cash collection network in Latin America, integrated by 380 banks and more than 180,000 cash collection points
  • Fraud Prevention – SafetyPay helps protect consumers and merchants from fraud and identity theft

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