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SaaSOptics gives early-stage and growing SaaS and subscription businesses the ability to eliminate your dependency on spreadsheets and streamline your financial operations and reporting. SaaSOptics’ robust analytics engine delivers all the SaaS analytics you need to run your subscription business: MRR, ARR, Cohort, CLV, projections, renewal rates and churn. As the system-of-record for your subscriptions and revenue, SaaSOptics integrates with the key systems in your environment to improve how you manage your financial operations through every stage of growth.

  • Order Management – accurate invoice and revenue schedules at light speed
  • Revenue Recognition – dump the error-prone deferred revenue spreadsheet
  • Billing & Invoices – ensure efficient & timely invoicing and collections
  • Collections & Payment – increase timely payment with automated collection processes
  • Customers & renewals – widgets and syncs push renewals and financial data into CRM
  • Metrics & Analytics – respond quickly and confidently to board inquiries, investors, and your executive team in a few clicks
  • Financial Reporting – instant, accurate financial reporting for investors, auditors, bankers, and M&A

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