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Revenew International

Revenew, headquartered in Houston, TX, is the leading provider of cost recovery and cost containment services for Fortune 500 clients across several industries including energy and power. Revenew offers a comprehensive suite of services including complex contract compliance and accounts payable reviews that address acute needs across clients’ entire procurement-to-payment cycle. Revenew’s superior service delivery and fee structure provide a unique and highly compelling value proposition to its clients.

Revenew International
  • Contract Compliance Review – ensure that contracts are adhered to – with improved results. This allows clients to dedicate more of their time and resources to other critical tasks. Following execution, limited time, resources, and information are available for a company to confirm that an agreement’s commercial terms are accurately translated into billing and payment transactions
  • Supplier Payment Review – Revenew’s unique methodology enables to explore and recover transaction and contract losses
  • gainIQ Prevent Software – a continuous monitoring software that identifies and prevents payment errors in real time
Revenew International

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Revenew International

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