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Reporting Standard

Reporting Standard XBRL is a software company mainly engaged in three activities:

– specialized IT consulting;

– XBRL software creation.

Technical development of the standard at an international level. The Reporting Standard has trained both financial market regulators and private companies in the use of the XBRL standard.

Besides, in commercial matters, it has distributed its products and services among a wide list of clients, which continues to grow in all the countries where it is used.

Reporting Standart

XBRL Solutions for Regulators: it simplifies the process of collecting and processing information.
Label, document and validate accurately in the Taxonomy.
XBRL is an open, royalty-free standard that allows Regulators to become independent from the information systems used by regulated companies.

XBRL for business: make report templates; transmit that information digitally.

XBRL Solutions for Analysts / Auditors: the latest version of the XBRL Reporting Standard software allows you to access XBRL report information directly from Excel sheets. Thus, you can have a database where the XBRL reports will be saved together with all the necessary data.

Reporting Standart

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Reporting Standart

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