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RecVue delivers the most robust and complete Enterprise Monetization Platform on the market to help companies create an inflection point for business growth. RecVue reduces the time to revenue, optimizes revenue, and boosts customer satisfaction. Our customers have cut the bill-to-invoice cycle by up to 61% and streamlined Days Receivable Outstanding by up to 25%. The RecVue Enterprise Monetization Platform is designed for any combination of subscription-, usage- or consumption-based business models. The platform includes transaction mediation tuned to support high volumes of transactions, a mobile app to capture billable activities in the field, complete billing-to-invoice capabilities, advanced pricing support, partner management/revenue sharing, and robust analytics and reporting.

  • Billing & Invoicing – automate billing for one-time usage-based charges and subscriptions
  • Revenue Management – meet rigorous revenue recognition standards and compliance rules for ASC 606 and IFRS 15
  • Partner Compensation Management & Royalties – automate recurring and contract-based billing across third party networks
  • Pricing & Product Catalog – a flexible product catalog and pricing engine can model any configuration, service, term and price
  • Order Lifecycle Management – an end-to-end profile of each contract through its entire lifecycle to manage renewals, price adjustments, or amendments
  • Usage & Data Mediation – reconcile and monitor real-time customer usage data from multiple inputs in one billing solution
  • Multi-Attribute Rating & Pricing – capture any data type, structured or unstructured, and dynamically rate millions of transactions
  • Analytics & Insights – gain real-time, actionable insight into millions of transactions
  • Integrations – seamlessly integrate with any ERP, CRM, Tax, Data Warehouse or other application provider

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