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RationalFX was started out in 2005, with just a laptop and $3,000. Their founders, Rajesh Agrawal and Paresh Davdra, felt there was a much better and cheaper way for people and businesses to transfer money overseas instead of going through a bank. Thankfully, others feel the same way too and RationalFX has grown – without any borrowing or external investment – into one of Europe’s key international payment providers.

  • FX Spot Contracts – allow businesses to secure an exchange rate to make an international payment within two business days.
  • Forward Contract – enables to fix a rate for a specific date for up to two years in advance. This helps business to mitigate against exchange rate fluctuations and forecast your future payments.
  • Limit Order – effective way of achieving a better exchange rate. Client can nominate an exchange rate he wishes to achieve and company will automatically purchase the funds on client’s behalf once this rate is reached.
  • Stop Loss – helps to reduce risk and limit losses. Set worst case scenario exchange rate and if the market price falls, the stop loss will trigger, helping to prevent further losses.
  • Mass Payments – save time, reduce stress and remove the margin for error with our international mass payment services. Upload CSV file via our API and pay multiple beneficiaries worldwide
  • FX Currency Risk Strategy – help businesses reduce the impact of unfavourable market movements with a tailored Currency Risk Strategy using a suite of FX products and services.

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