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QRails was established to provide third party processing, outsourcing and consultancy services to prepaid, debit and credit card issuers. With an API-friendly technology platform and SaaS delivery model, QRails offers an exceptional range of differentiated solutions, enabling issuers to offer customers Open Banking-ready functionality and integration with a wider range of both banking and non-banking services and loyalty schemes.


Payment Processing
With the most flexible and responsive payments & card issuing platform available, QRails can handle all your payment processing needs. Using our cloud based, open API issuer processor platform, your team can pioneer new payment solutions for your customers. This includes prepaid, virtual, debit, as well other innovative payment options.

Program Management
• Integrated KYC and BSA/AML solutions
• Chargeback administration and dispute management
• Cardholder services — including an IVR self-help line and 24/7 customer call center

Funds Disbursement
The QRails APIs provide flexibility to disburse funds and provide payments options in a variety of methods.
Mobile Wallets
With the expanding growth rate of mobile and online commerce through billions of smartphones, your customers will now demand the smoothest possible transactions and easiest methods to buy goods and services.
Insurance Claims Payments
Introducing Rete+Pay Rete+Pay helps payers and patients pay their medical claims electronically, while facilitating quicker provider payments for medical services.


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Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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