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Launched in 2012, and led by Founder & CEO, George Friedman, Qapital is a new kind of banking experience that empowers people to maximize their happiness by saving, spending, and investing with their goals in mind. By blending behavioral psychology with technology, Qapital provides people with the tools they need to make managing money easy and fun. The Qapital app is designed to help users better understand their saving, spending, and investing habits by highlighting the tradeoffs made when managing money. It allows users to save for their real-life goals with customizable, automated deposits that are linked to their everyday actions, like riding the bus, going to the gym, or buying a coffee. To help users spend more intentionally, Qapital provides an FDIC-insured checking account, Qapital Visa® Debit Card, and Weekly Spending Target tool to track day-to-day spending. And for more long-term goals, Qapital Invest, which is set to launch in Spring 2018, will bring a goal-based and automated approach to the world of investing, offering users an effortless way to grow their money and plan for their future.

  • Save smartly
  • Invest confidently
  • Spend happily
  • Plan effortlessly

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