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Prestwood Software

Truth® Cash Flow Modelling software underpins the business proposition of some of the most experienced and successful financial planners, accountants and wealth managers in the UK.

Truth Software is the most advanced and powerful cashflow modelling software on the market. Help your clients visualise their financial futures with simple, easily understood charts and graphs, which allow you to cut straight to the point.

We’ve been providing the UK’s leading Cashflow Modelling software since 1984. As a Truth customer, you can benefit from this experience through our expert support helpline. Whether you need a quick question answering, or advice on planning solutions, our team are always ready to help.

Prestwood Software
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Income Statement
  • Expenditure Statement
  • Cashflow Statement
  • Pensions Statement
  • DB Transfer Tool
  • Lifetime Allowance
  • Pension Annual Allowance
  • Dynamic Sustainable Income Calculator
  • Capacity For Loss
  • Growth Calculator
  • Estate Planning Statement
  • Education Statement
  • Objectives Statement
  • Spend Less Calculator
  • More Inflows Calculator
  • More Expenditure Calculator
  • Key Date Calculator
  • More Protection Calculator
  • Overlay Chart
  • Pension Fund Warnings
  • Fact Find Targeter
  • Business Analysis
  • Stochastic Calculator
  • Investment Calculator
  • Pension Crystallisation Events
Prestwood Software

Companies that integrate with Prestwood Software

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

FinaMetrica offers the Risk Tolerance Toolkit™ which incorporates a psychometric personal risk tolerance profile and supporting methodologies to help advisors and enterprises create lifelong relationships.

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Prestwood Software

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