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Portfolio Pathway

Portfolio Pathway is a robust wealth management platform. Our origins started from a cloud-based portfolio management system, but have evolved into a more rounded platform with additional features such as rebalancing, trading, fee billing, third party manager capabilities and more. We continue to innovate based on our customer needs.

Portfolio Pathway believes in an honest, upfront partner approach to working with customers. We want to help advisors grow their business without the “we know better” attitude. It starts with our simple process of learning about your business and applying our industry experience and technical skills to help streamline workflow, provide accurate reporting and minimize time spent on managing your business. From sales to service, we want to be a teammate without the ego.

Portfolio Pathway

Portfolio Reporting

  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Composite Reporting
  • Account Aggregation

Rebalancing And Trading

  • Multi-Custodian UMA and SMA
  • Tax Management
  • Trading

Fee Billing

  • Schedules
  • Process Fees
  • Payouts And Billing Reports

Client Tools

  • Mobile App
  • Client Portal

Connect Data

  • Integrations
  • API
Portfolio Pathway

Companies that integrate with Portfolio Pathway

Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

BlazePortfolio® develops streamlined, user-friendly trade management solutions for investment managers, RIA's, wealth managers, broker dealers, family offices, and industry partners.
First Clearing
First Clearing
First Clearing provides firms with insights and resources to support their vision for guiding clients to a place of greater confidence about their life goals.
Redtail Technology
Redtail Technology, Inc. is the leader in Web-Based Client Relationship Management solutions for the Financial Advisor.

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Portfolio Pathway

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