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PIRS Capital

Founded in 2013, PIRS Capital’s mission has been the same since day one; to combine our financial expertise with quality customer service to build lifelong relationships with our clients to ensure mutual success.

We understand our clients need to work with someone who will support them, assist them, and challenge them. That’s why we work hard to understand your industry, your needs and your opportunities to provide intelligent funding to make your business dreams come true.

PIRS Capital

PIRS Portal

Developed from the ground up by our in-house developers, PIRS Portal is a proprietary, web-based, multifunctional platform that manages and configures all vital aspects of the funding process.

PIRS Portal also makes submissions simple for our partners and helps them effectively monitor, and update new deals every step of the way.

  • Hands-on access to deal related contracts and documents
  • Calculate your own approvals, access e-signs, setup notifications
  • Contact underwriters directly
  • PIRS Portal is secure so that your personal information is encrypted with industry-standard SSL encryption (128-bit.)


PIRScore is our latest, multi-variable credit model developed by a team of 3rd party data analysts and developers launched September 2017.

Leveraging new machine learning techniques, PIRScore’s machine learning platform continuously learns and adapts from live data to have access to unique insights that can be leveraged when making funding decisions.

  • PIRScore is working in conjunction with our previous models and lets us look at more data points per borrower than ever before
  • Leveraging new machine learning techniques, PIRScore’s machine learning platform continuously learns and adapts from live data
  • Analyzing over fifty statistical algorithms and hundreds of proprietary data points PIRScore delivers predictive behavioral analytics to accurately calculate risk
  • Once data has been analyzed the PIRS Portal gives the deal a PIRScore


DELTA Score is our first-generation multi-variable credit model created and developed in-house launched March 2017.

Leveraging trended data, DELTA Score takes a 360-degree view of a merchant’s financials over time like personal/business credit, industry, volume, cash flow, debt, and more.

  • DELTA Scoring allows us to make sharper predictions of risk and identifies deal risk factors
  • DELTA Score was built using internal data sets from 2014-2016 to create a higher level of scoring accuracy
  • DELTA Score takes advantage of best-in-class modeling practices and analyzes data against internal algorithms and 100+ proprietary data points


It’s our responsibility to protect your files from unauthorized access. Our portal is designed with multiple layers of protection across a distributed, reliable infrastructure.

We regularly test and patch any vulnerabilities and work with third-party specialists, to keep your information safe and secure.

  • PIRS Portal is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to keep sensitive client data secure
  • Server bank is hosted by a SOC 2 Type II certified environment
  • PIRS Portal is on Microsoft’s Azur Cloud Platform for further data security
  • Data is encrypted and backed up regularly so you never lose access to valuable information
PIRS Capital

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PIRS Capital

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