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PingPong is an innovative payment facilitator for China-based eCommerce sellers. Their mission is to empower their customers to sell anywhere in the world. They are committed to bringing a simple and streamlined experience to their customers while providing value-added services to further grow their businesses. They aspire to make an impact by staying nimble. They welcome talent that is curious by nature, fearless, and results-driven. They want people that hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. They believe that communication is key in breaking down international and business barriers. In short, they are looking for true global citizens to conquer the next challenges in eCommerce. PingPong is a rapidly-growing, venture-backed fintech startup with an international footprint.

  • FundsGrabr – gives the power to sell anywhere in the world
  • VATZilla – When selling in Canada, UK or the EU, value-added tax and GST can eat into earnings. Strike back with VATZilla, saving money and time.
  • payAgo – helps sellers make payments to suppliers, vendors, or employees. By using the funds in PingPong account, transfers can be made between accounts instantly. Sending payments domestically or internationally can be completed with one click.

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