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Ping Express

Ping Express was formed in December 2014 and launched its service in December 2015 to disrupt an industry dominated by existing players who offer a one-size-fits-all service. The company was created to provide localized services that truly meets the need of its members who are underserved in the existing ecosystem. With its proprietary technology, Ping Express removes the worries of the millions who needed an alternative means of remittance and even more who are in the receiving end.

Ping Express
  • No hidden fees – zero fees on first two transfers.
  • Convenience – computer, smartphone or tablet. Anytime. Anywhere
  • Speed & Reliability – instant payment to family & friends.
  • Better exchange rates – save more on every transfer.
  • 24/7 Support – telephone, Email or Live chat including weekends & holidays.
  • Trusted – 5 star reviews from our members.
Ping Express

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Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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Ping Express

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