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Pineapple Payments

Pineapple Payments powered by CardConnect provides payment processing technology for both brick and mortar and online businesses with a specific focus on mid-market E-Commerce, SaaS, and Enterprise technology integrations. By bundling innovative products and services to bring a more integrated and seamless credit card processing experience to merchants, Pineapple has a compelling value proposition.

Pineapple Payments
  • Omni-Channel Solution – Ecommerce, retail, mobile, and more. Capture payments anywhere and any way, all from one source. Company’s smart solutions enable secure commerce from any point of interaction.
  • Proprietary Technology & Support – whether using Transax’s ready-to-use tools or robust APIs for integrations, in-house development and integration teams have you covered.
  • Investment Opportunities – a payment partner that enables to build the business. Through financial incentives and strategic partnerships, company invest money back into business.
Pineapple Payments

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Pineapple Payments

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