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PeerNova Inc

PeerNova’s mission is to empower enterprises to unlock their data, increase efficiency, and discover opportunities. PeerNova’s Cuneiform Platform is an active data governance tool that enables end-to-end (E2E) trust and transparency of data and business flows. By using the Cuneiform Platform, enterprises can quickly recognize and resolve exceptions, exceed client and stakeholder expectations, and identify the most promising digital transformation opportunities. Founded by entrepreneurs with deep expertise in big data and financial infrastructure, PeerNova is a Silicon Valley technology company with additional sales offices in New York and London.

  • Unlock Data – unlock enterprise knowledge and unify fragmented data to ensure better data quality resulting in higher client and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Increase Efficiency – reduce root-cause analysis and resolution time for data quality, SLA, and timeliness metrics leading to better operational efficiency and faster time-to-market
  • Discover Opportunities – identify and implement promising digital transformation opportunities and migrate to a scalable, API-driven, hybrid-cloud-ready platform providing effective E2E active data governance

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