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Paddle believes that software companies succeed when they can focus on building awesome products that the world loves and scale their business, rather than wasting time on building and maintaining everything that’s required to run and grow. This is why hundreds of developers and software companies rely on the Paddle checkout and licensing solution to sell their products globally, as well as using a powerful analytics and marketing tools to understand and grow their businesses.

  • Payment Processing – Paddle handles all the complexities on the back end like merchant banking, subscriptions, reconciliation, fraud, and global tax liabilities on client’s behalf to maximize payment acceptance and revenue growth
  • Subscription Billing – build all subscription logic alongside all payment methods, invoices, taxes, trials, dunning, and more. With Paddle, client only ever need to integrate one platform to run and grow SaaS business.
  • Sales Tax Management – Paddle calculates, files, remits client’s software sales taxes, so they’re free to run and grow the business
  • Merchant of Record – Paddle takes all responsibility and liability for payments methods, global sales tax liability, billing support, and more for 1000+ software companies

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Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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