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Ordway is a smart billing and revenue automation platform for growing businesses. It simplifies managing recurring subscriptions, contract details, pricing transactions, invoicing customers, collecting payments, and recognizing revenue. They are on a mission to build the world’s most effective billing and finance platform. Used by companies across multiple industries, Ordway eliminates back-office inefficiencies, identifies revenue trends, and simplifies finance and operations tasks so personnel can focus on strategic growth activities.


Billing and invoicing:

  • Usage-based billing – makes pay-as-you-go simple
  • Volume-based billing – assign variable pricing based on volume
  • Discounts and promotions – apply special pricing based on customer needs
  • Subscription management – support complex SaaS business models
  • Automatic recurring billing – capture every billing option automatically

Payments and collections:

  • Integrate with major payment gateways like Stripe, CardConnect, etc
  • Process payments automatically
  • Accept checks, ACH, and credit cards
  • Customize dunning workflows and use-expiry notifications
  • Expedite credits and refunds

Quotes, mid-contract changes, and renewal management:

  • e-Sign quotes by both parties
  • Convert signed quotes to Ordway subscriptions
  • Ensure accuracy of billing and subscription details
  • Update, change, amend pricing and terms quickly for existing customers
  • Automate creation of opportunity renewals in your CRM

Revenue recognition:

  • Create separate billing and revenue recognition schedules
  • Export summary and detailed journal entries to general ledger
  • Support ASC 606 accounting standard initiatives
  • Close financial periods up to 90% faster and view audit trail

Revenue insights:

  • Create detailed ad-hoc reports on recurring revenues, customer movement, and churn based on customer cohorts
  • Track MRR, ARR, and other revenue reports over time to visualize your customer mix
  • View individual and aggregated customer revenue details through a “single pane of glass”

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Each integration enriches the platform with data or features that provide comprehensive service and enhance the customer experience.

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