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Optal Limited

Optal is re-inventing how payment processes work across complex industries. By stripping payment processes of their customary inefficiency, Optal helps companies boost profitability across a growing number of sectors around the world. Optal issues Mastercard® branded payment products, driving its focus on developing and bringing to market, game-changing payment solutions.

Optal Limited
  • VANs – payments alternative that increase choice, reduce risk, and turn cost centres into profit centres via rewards. VANs are a smart alternative to BACS, cheques and card payments, streamlining payment processes and adding value throughout the supply chain.
  • Invapay – puts capital from commercial card credit lines to work by removing the need for card acceptance when paying bills and suppliers. This improves credit utilisation and customer relationships for banks, stops underused credit costing unnecessarily, and offers a working capital alternative for businesses. As a result, everybody can work smarter, more efficiently, and address dynamic cashflow pressures.
Optal Limited

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Optal Limited

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