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Ondot Systems, Inc.

Founded in 2011, Ondot provides over 4,000 banks and credit unions with a digital card services platform that establishes the new standard for cardholder engagement – from an integrated Card App for community issuers to premium journeys for global top banks. Ondot enables card issuers to offer in-the-moment convenience with control and transparency to their physical and virtual cards, leading to increased engagement and lifetime value.

Ondot Systems
  • Prevent Fraud – more control for cardholders plus more data for equals less fraud. Enrolled cardholders have an average of 25% less fraud.
  • Lower Operating Costs – when customers recognize their purchases and have more self-service options, they make fewer service calls, disputes and chargebacks
  • Increase Usage – a great digital experience drives activity. When customers have the power to do more – and do it instantly – they’ll use their cards 23% more
  • Grow Accounts – great experiences in moments that matter drive loyalty. Digital capabilities are now the largest differentiating driver when choosing a financial institution. Acquire and retain more happy customers with the power of Ondot.
  • Optimize With Analytics – real-time data doesn’t just benefit cardholders. Make better decisions, target customers for offers, authorize more legitimate transactions, and understand customers like never before.
Ondot Systems

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Ondot Systems

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